Artist, musician, and style icon Anrika Bruinders shows us how she wears Pandora her way!

Wear Pandora Anrika’s Way with these inspiring stylings by fashion queen Anrika Bruinders. A longtime Pandora collector, Anrika is known for her beautiful style, love of pink and creative way to wear her Pandora jewellery.

Anrika describes herself as an “old soul Afrikaans girl with a heart full of dreams and a head in the clouds” and that is definitely evident in her expressive style. A talented artist, Anrika inherited her love of Victorian art and furniture from her mother and says her style is “Victorian and Rococo all in one!”. Taking inspiration from everyday life, she produces stunning work full of romance.

Explaining her influence Arinka says, “Mostly my inspiration always came from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. From a young age I fell in love with the style of it. But inspiration can be anything. It can be a song, an emotion, movie or even a person. I love to scroll through all the Victorian art and find my inspiration there.”

“I’m an old soul Afrikaans girl with a heart full of dreams and a head in the clouds. I believe in all things magical and that miracles happen all around us.”

anrika bruinders pandora wear it your way

Only the essentials are needed on safari, so of course that includes Pandora! For her ‘African Safari’ look Anrika layers up the attitude along with her bracelets. The new Pandora Moments Heart Charm Holder is bold yet whimsical with the sparkling Rose Flower Dangle worn on a chain along with the Multi-colour Heart Necklace. Not just for bags, the Pandora Moments Small Bag Charm Holder is fun worn on a belt loop too!

You know you’re truly alive when you’re living among lions.

anrika bruinders pandora wear it your way

Take your Pandora look to a new level and shoot for the stars with Anrika’s ‘Intergalactic’ styles. Enchanting Pandora Rose pieces look magical with glitter infused and modern holographic materials. Wear Pandora Anrika’s Way and thread favorite Pandora charms and dangles on your shoe laces.

My professional aspirations were simple – I wanted to be an intergalactic princess.

anrika bruinders pandora wear it your way

If you used one word to describe Anrika’s style it would be ‘pink’! Explaining her fashion, Anrika says “I’m all about drama and I love PINK and GOLD!!!”. Dress like the ‘Pink Lady’ herself and wear up to three charms, dangles or pendants on the Pandora Moments Charm Double Hoop Earrings. Turn things around and use the Pandora Moments Heart Closure Snake Chain Bracelet as a necklace!

The Pink Ladies pledge:
To act cool, to look cool and to be cool.
To death us do part. Think pink!


Anrika is not just an inspirational Pandora style queen, she is also a talented singer and musician!

Which one of Anrika’s look is your favourite? How do you Wear Pandora Your Way? Share with us in the comments below…